Welcome to the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, the premier pro wrestling training school in the Northeast. We are excited that you are looking into starting your pro wrestling journey with us! We are proudly the home of Killer Kowalski's School of Pro Wrestling and the Chaotic Training Center. Many of our students have had the opportunity work for wrestling promotions all over the world and include WWE, TNA and Ring of Honor.Students receive hands on training and instruction in all aspects of the sports entertainment industry. Classes are challenging and fast paced and designed for both beginners and experienced wrestlers. We offer classes to help our students learn and understand various aspects of professional wrestling, including character development, in ring psychology, and interview skills. 

The unique aspect of training at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, which we like to consider an edge we have over the competition, is the work we do with students on their performance outside of the ring. High levels of discipline, respect and confidence (not ego) are paramount in the wrestling business, and most schools do not care or bother to instill those "character building" elements into their students' work ethic during the training phase of their careers. Those lessons tend to be learned later on, often when it is too late to amend foolish mistakes. At this school, a lot of time is dedicated to putting across the message that respect is "everything" - that which you earn for yourself and which you show towards others. The focus on having the proper mindset for the business is what sets our students apart from the rest. We like to pride ourselves on the fact that a New England Pro Wrestling Academy student is instantly recognizable at a wrestling show anywhere in the world by their attitude, ability, and respect for what they do.

You'll find the training environment here to be tough and intense, yet also very friendly. Students tend to be both competitive and helpful, which helps maintain a high standard of learning. Weekday classes are often larger while the weekend class usually consists of smaller groups. Our senior students still come in to practice and work on matches for upcoming independent shows, one of the benefits of a lifetime membership offered here at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy . Please see management when you arrive to go over all pricing and plan options. We have a policy of all our students working together, which means that new students get to learn alongside our veterans and receive their insight and knowledge about performing and other aspects of the business. No question goes unanswered during a class, and there is always someone willing to help you with your training or show you something new.