Name: Brian Phillips
Wrestling Name: "Firebrand" Brian Fury
Years Pro: 12
Trained By: Steve Bradley
Career Accomplishments: Trained the lucha libre style, and wrestled in Tijuana Mexico. Participated in the 2007 Super 8 Tournament. Travelled all over the East coast for various wrestling organizations. Wrestled for and been extra talent for WWE on numerous occasions. 
Short Bio: Been wrestling for 12 years, consistently. I regularly travel from Maine to Pennsylvania. Never stopped learning, from numerous individuals including: Steve Bradley, Nunzio, Doug Williams, Les Thatcher, Nova, Tom Pritchard to name a few, and is ready to pass all of this knowledge on to the next generation of upcoming wrestling talent.


Name:  John Vitale

Wrestling Name:  "Fabulous" Johnny Vegas

Years Pro:  18

Trained By:  Gino Caruso, Jeff Costa

Career Accomplishments:  Traveling the New England Pro Wrestling scene for 18 years working with some very talented individuals associated with many different wrestling organizations. Now being able to pass on some knowledge to up and coming potential professional wrestlers who train at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy.

Short Bio:  Career began as Commentator / Ring Announcer in 1990 and progressing to Manager.  In the Fall of 1993 trained to become a professional wrestler and worked my first match in spring of 1994 and have continued to the present.  Now, still working shows and training at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy.